Kempsville Lodge No. 196

4869 Princess Anne Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Kempsville Lodge No. 196 - 1990


Worshipful Moran Keith Morris

  • Initiated: 1/7/1947, Passed: 2/4/1947, Raised: 3/4/1947 (Lodge No. 48, District of Columbia)
  • Charter Member, National Sojourners, Guantanamo Bay: 1950
  • Affiliated, Kempsville Lodge No. 196: 1975
  • Recipient, James Noah Hillman Award: 1990
  • Recipient, Dr. Seymour Jonas Levy Award: 1990
  • 50 Year Veteran: 1997
  • Entered the Celestial Lodge: 8/16/2005

Flag From Guantanamo Bay

Flag flown at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba at the "Northeast Gate" separating Communist Cuba and free America. Flown on October 12, 1989.

It was presented to Kempsville Lodge in recognition of their assistance to Caribbean Naval Lodge with the Grand Master of Massachusett's Official visit to Guantanamo Bay. Worshipful Ray Hall and a group of other officers and members met the Grand Master at the Norfolk Airport, arranged his lodging, and provided him transportation to the MAC terminal for his flight to Guantanamo Bay.

Window Decal

Courtesy of Worshipful Bob Stanek

Achievement Award - March 2, 1990

The Senior Warden, Bobby Gene Spruill, receives an Achievement Award for completion of the Committee on Masonic Education Workshop Program.

Lodge Of Sorrow

  • John Woodrow Pick - 02/12/1990
  • W∴ Augustus Manley Powers, Jr. - 05/04/1990
  • Alvah Camp Bryant - 06/06/1990
  • Truitt Caston Jenkins - 08/30/1990
  • Charlie Green Paramore, Jr. - 09/05/1990
  • John Lawson Fisk - 10/06/1990

Roster Cover

Courtesy of Worshipful Joe Thornton