Kempsville Lodge No. 196

4869 Princess Anne Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Kempsville Lodge No. 196 - 1954 (UD)

1954 - Under Dispensation

Right Worshipful William Hollowell Pierce

  • Initiated: 2/20/1946, Passed: 3/13/1946, Raised: 3/20/1946 (Great Bridge Lodge No. 257)
  • Worshipful Master, Great Bridge Lodge No. 257: 1952
  • Worshipful Master, Kempsville Lodge No. 196, Under Dispensation: 1954
  • Charter Member, Kempsville Lodge No. 196: 1955
  • Secretary, Kempsville Lodge No. 196: 1956 - 2006
  • Served as District Deputy Grand Master, District 56: 1960
  • Charter Member, Kempsville Chapter No. 173, Order of the Eastern Star
  • Worthy Patron, Kempsville Chapter No. 173, Order of the Eastern Star: 1960
  • Recipient, William Hollowell Pierce Mason of the Year Award: 2001
  • Member, Norfolk Scottish Rite
  • Member, Khedive Shrine
  • 60-Year Veteran: 2006
  • Secretary Emeritus, Kempsville Lodge No. 196: 2009 - 2013
  • Resident, Masonic Home of Virginia: 2006 - 2013
  • Entered the Celestial Lodge: 10/20/2013

Minutes of the First Meeting - March 29, 1954

Although it appears that more than one person took the minutes during these early meetings, careful handwriting analysis confirms that these are the minutes recorded by Right Worshipful Bill Pierce.

Minutes of the Second Meeting - April 6, 1954

Among other things, this meeting reports the finding of a possible building site for $1200 and that the Davis Corner Voluntary Fire Department could be used as a temporary meeting location.

This meeting also has the actual motion to create a Masonic Lodge in the Kempsville community as well as electing William Hollowell Pierce as its first Worshipful Master. The application for dispensation was signed by 29 Brethren (see below).

Petition to Grand Lodge Requesting Dispensation to Form Kempsville Lodge

One of the applications for dispensation signed by the 29 Brethren present at the April 6, 1954 meeting. The 29 signers represent 18 different Lodges.

Minutes and Location of the Third Meeting - April 27, 1954

This appears to be the first meeting held in the Davis Corner Voluntary Fire Department which would be the home of Kempsville Lodge until September 11, 1957.

Although the formalities of requesting a dispensation were being conducted by the District Deputy Grand Master of the 35th District, a motion was made at this meeting to locate Kempsville Lodge in the 56th District. It is reported that the land discussed in the previous meeting had been purchased and that $180 was in the treasury.

Photo courtesy of Martin Grube, Virginia Beach Fire Department Historian The second floor of Davis Corner Volunteer Fire Department was the home of Kempsville Lodge until September of 1957.
The building as it is today.

Minutes of the Fourth Meeting - May 11, 1954

The highlight of the fourth meeting was apparently a commitment by Brother Russel Willoughby to have venetian blinds ready and installed before the next meeting.

Concurrence Letters

Two of the "Concurrence Letters" granting Kempsville Lodge an "Under Dispensation" Charter.

Working Tools

Presented to Kempsville Lodge U.D. by Norview Lodge No. 113 A.F.& A.M. 8-10-54