Kempsville Lodge No. 196

4869 Princess Anne Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Kempsville Lodge No. 196 - 2016


Worshipful Gregory Cooling Muir

  • Initiated: 4/27/2010, Passed: 8/19/2010, Raised: 10/26/2010
  • Life Member in Perpetuity, Kempsville Masonic Lodge: 2010
  • Life Member in Perpetuity, Norfolk Valley, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite: 2011
  • Member in Perpetuity, National Sojourners: 2011
  • Member, Khedive Shrine: 2011
  • Member, Union Lodge No. 48, Elkton, MD: 2016

Lodge Officers

Photo courtesy of Right Worshipful Emmett "Buddy" Pate
left to right
  1. Ray Baez - Tiler
  2. Bill Nelligar - Treasurer
  3. John Settle, III - Junior Deacon
  4. Chris Anders - Senior Warden
  5. Dickie Cooper - Marshal
  6. Dave Trzeciakiewicz - Senior Deacon
  1. Greg Muir - Worshipful Master
  2. Mike Denning - Chaplain
  3. Scott Foxwell - Musician
  4. Roger Taylor - Junior Warden
  5. Dennis Eaton - Senior Steward
  6. Bob Stanek - Secretary
  7. Todd Moissett - Junior Steward (not shown)

Worshipful Master's Coin

Lake Harriet Lodge Presentation

Photo courtesy of Worshipful Greg Muir
Worshipful Brother Peter Nickitas presenting a Kempsville Lodge 2017 coin to Worshipful Brother Andrew Arashiba, the sitting Master of Lake Harriet Lodge No. 277, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Visitors from Near and Far

Photo courtesy of Worshipful Bob Stanek
Kempsville Lodge enjoyed fraternal visits from two traveling Masons on January 17th. Ali Gagan Ozturk, Ugsutun Lodge No. 78, Grand Lodge of Turkey (left) and Worshipful Fred Donald Dickson, Jr. (right) of Howard Lodge No. 101 and Chester Lodge No. 155 (Maryland) as well as an Honorary member of Oswald of Dunnikier Lodge No. 468, Fife, Grand Lodge of Scotland. Worshipful Dickson is long-time friend of Worshipful Greg Muir (center).

Father and Son - February 21, 2017

Brothers Louis & Doug Dunn together in Lodge. Brother Louis Dunn, a 40-year member, was hospitalized during his son, Doug’s, degrees. Finally, Brother Louis is able to attend, and witnessed Brother Doug returning his Master Mason’s catechism. Also of interest, Brother Louis Dunn was recommended to Masonry by our own Right Worshipful Bill Pierce and was taught his catechisms by Right Worshipful George Wallace - two very notable members of our Lodge.
Left to right: Worshipful Greg Muir, Brother Louis Dunn, Brother Doug Dunn, Worshipful Bob Stanek.

Raising Brother Gil Clyburn - February 28, 2017

Gil Clyburn Raising to Master Mason is a “Family Affair”
Left to right: Bonnie Hale, Connie Clyburn, Ray Clyburn, Tammy Clyburn, Lynsey Clyburn, Gil Clyburn, John Settle, IV, Gail Settle, John Settle, III & Joshua Settle
Photos courtesy of Worshipful Bob Stanek
Left to right: John Settle, IV, Worshipful Greg Muir, Ray Clyburn, Gil Clyburn, John Settle, III, Buddy Newbern, Right Worshipful Steve Ridgeway, Travis Twiford, Ron Filer

Job's Daughters Honor the Masons and Easter Star - March 5, 2017

Job's Daughters honor the Masons and Order of the Eastern Star during their March 2017 meeting.

Spring Past Masters' Night - March 28, 2017

20 Past Masters and Affiliated Past Masters attend the Spring Past Masters' Night.

left to right:
  1. Tommy Haste - 1970
  2. Monte Howell - 1978
  3. Frank Creasy - 1980
  4. Bill Knowles - 1982
  5. Tom McGowan - 1983
  6. Jimmie Wilder - 1986
  7. Paul Pennybacker - 1988 (Norfolk Lodge No. 1)
  8. Ray Hall - 1988
  9. Bob Stanek - 1996
  10. Don Robinson - 2000
  1. Phil Poffenbarger - 1998 (Tidal Wave Lodge No. 273)
  2. Bill Nelligar - 2003
  3. Roger Cort - 2007
  4. Ricky West - 1993 (Charles T. Morton Lodge No. 232)
  5. Bill Rawson - 2010
  6. Harold Campbell - 2015 (Virginia Beach Lodge No. 274)
  7. Michael Johnstone - 2011
  8. Jerry Hallal - 2013
  9. Steve Ridgeway - 2014
  10. Scott Foxwell - 2016
The Kempsville Past Masters aligned according to year.

Kitchen Duty at the Lodge Breakfast - April 19, 2017

Photo courtesy of Brother Doug Dunn
The Worshipful Master and Junior Warden making their contribution to the Lodge Breakfast.

Community Builders Award Presentation - May 9, 2017

Photo courtesy of Worshipful Bob Stanek
Worshipful Greg Muir presents the Grand Lodge Community Builders Award to Mrs. Carolyn Ann Engler for her dedication and work with the Girl Scouts of America.

Fraternal Visit to Union Lodge No. 48, Elkton, Maryland - May 16, 2017

Photo courtesy of Worshipful Bob Stanek
Fraternal Visit to Union Lodge No. 48, Elkton, Maryland, the home of Worshipful Greg Muir’s maternal grandfather. Worshipful Greg is also a member of Union Lodge. Left to right: Right Worshipful Wesley Lee (Greg’s cousin), Worshipful Greg Muir, Brother Frank “Tots” Sheldon (presented his 60-year Masonic Veteran’s emblem by the Grand Master, Greg’s uncle), Most Worshipful Kostas Vourvoulas - Grand Master of Maryland Masons, Worshipful Jack Foreaker - Worshipful Master of Union Lodge No. 48.
Photo courtesy of Worshipful Bob Stanek
Left to right: Brother Roger Taylor, Worshipful Greg Muir, Brother Joe Salt, Most Worshipful Kostas Vourvoulas Grand Master of Maryland Masons, Brother Frank Filippone, Worshipful Jack Foreaker Worshipful Master of Union Lodge No. 48, Worshipful Bob Stanek

Lodge Of Sorrow

  • Richard Donald Cedola - 12/24/2016
  • Richard Miles Shibley - 02/04/2017
  • Asa Elwood Sawyer - 03/06/2017
  • Sherwood Lee Allen - 03/15/2017
  • Alton Larkin McKeithan - 03/26/2017
  • Kenneth Lancaster - 03/28/2017
  • John Peyton Stublen, Jr. - 03/31/2017
  • Goodwin Glassman - 06/14/2017
  • Robert Merrill Shelburne - 06/21/2017

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